Philip is seen here wearing Leroy & Eli sweaters from AFFLUENZA FW19.


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How would you describe yourself in 3 words?


New Riot Terror.



What are your thoughts on modern streetwear today, are there any things you wish you could change about it?


I think that Instagram/social media has had a huge impact on the current state of modern streetwear. A lot of people seek social media to gain ideas, inspirations and product knowledge. In that aspect I think there are good and bad things about it, I feel like everything is a lot more accessible however, less people are thinking for themselves.



Do you consider yourself a social media influencer?


Not in any way at all, I am simply just creating things I like to create and wearing things I like to wear. I am not putting on an Internet front for others but I am definitely thankful for the support the internet has given me.



What do you think are the impacts of social media influencer culture is on society?


I think it’s detrimental in so many ways, people become consumed in likes, follows and comments & it takes away from reality.



Do you think Instagram will ever come to a halt?


Yes 100%, there will be another platform that will pop off just like Instagram did. Instagram will one day become less popular like MySpace and Facebook currently are.



What is Philip's Laboratory?


Philip’s Laboratory is an ongoing experimental project of both cut & sew work & graphic ideas (new riot terror). The laboratory is basically a digital sketchbook for me. I can lay out ideas as they come and reflect on past and present ideas to create future pieces.



What was the motivation behind the concept of making Philips Laboratory?


I have always been customising my clothing since I can remember, whether it be to gain a better fitting or for stylistic choices. I have always had a passion for creating items based on silhouettes I couldn’t necessarily afford growing up. I am also heavily inspired by The Modern Prometheus (Frankenstein) as I feel like it explores themes of experiment, detriment & sorrow. The Laboratory was officially launched on March 21, 2018 - exactly 200 years, 2 months & 20 days after Frankenstein was.



What inspired you to start re-constructing clothes?


My Dad has a huge impact in everything I do. He was in the Australian Navy & he has always collected military surplus. Since a young age I was always exposed & fascinated by multiple-use clothing. Items with more functionality than average pieces of clothing had always caught my eye.


I think everything from New Riot to my Lab work has been inspired by my dad. He was my first role model.



What is New Riot Terror?


New Riot Terror is my secondary project, under the umbrella of Philip’s Laboratory. It is not a brand, more so a safe place for people who feel exclusion and a lack of belonging. New Riot is a community of like-minded people. It explores individuality and belonging through the notion of self-expression. The idea of thinking for yourself is at the forefront of this project.



How did it begin?


I used to write a lot, especially when I wasn’t doing too well mentally. It was my gateway to let weight off my shoulders and one day it just clicked to me, everything fell into place and a few years later I decided to move this idea onto clothing. I have been writing about New Riot Terror since I was 16 (5 years ago), the clothing side has only been available for less than 10 months.



What inspired the name New Riot terror?


I was reading through newspaper article scans from early 1900s riots and came across a sentence that had mentioned a new age riot which enticed me to come up with new riot terror. I think the name itself is very symbolic of a new frontier in thinking.


What is your preferred working space?


I’m a messy worker, I work well when everything is easily displayed. I feel sorry for my girlfriend Nancy as I work out of our lounge room - usually cutting everything out on the floor, it can get really messy at times but it has taught me to focus on one thing at a time.




Any individuals who influenced your creative career?


As earlier mentioned definitely my father.

In terms of others I admire: Vivienne Westwood, Jun Takahashi, Helmut Lang, Nigo, Banksy, Jamie Reid, the list is endless & always growing...

What’s the most exciting brand you’ve worked with so far?


Definitely A$AP Mob/A$AP Foundation, I think Tati, Darryl and everyone else behind the scenes put in so much work that goes relatively unrecognised. It was a huge honour to link with them as I’ve been a fan since Lord$ Never Worry.



Who do you look up to as a source of inspiration?


Definitely look up to the youth and the kids who are genuinely trying to come up from nothing. I support anyone trying to think outside the box and detach themselves from the system. The kids without a voice or a platform are the ones that inspire me.



Fav song of all time?


Rebel Yell - Billy Idol


Cardi B or Nicki minaj?


NICKI, there would be no Cardi without Nicki.


If there was one celebrity you could kill, who would it be?





What did you want to grow up to be as a child?


I wanted to be in the army as a kid, but I’m glad I chose the path I did.



What is your ultimate dream job?


I want to intern or work under a well-established designer. I want to elevate my knowledge in the fashion field and learn techniques that can only be passed on. I would like to be mentored professionally. I would work for free given the right opportunity - I am just very passionate about creating and expressing.



What would you advise any kids out there wanting to follow their creative passion?


It’s cliche but just be yourself. Too many people are trying to be someone they’re not. If you’re passionate about fashion, music, arts whatever it may be. Make sure you pursue that and disregard ANY negativity - even if it comes from your own family. People will try to bring you down along the way but just ignore them and do you. You are the ONLY person you can be...




What’s next? Any future projects coming up?


I am working consistently on cut & sew items and releasing my first Q1 collection for New Riot Terror.


I have currently been commissioned for an NBA player which I have to keep confidential at this point.


My work will never be defined, I am constantly aiming to redevelop my design process.



For more on Philip visit philipslaboratory.com or @philipjvo.ai